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  • Enable Early Childhood Education
  • Share in the Love of Gurbani with Cutting Edge Apps and Websites
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About us

“Khalis” meaning pure or truth, refers to the Sikh lifestyle of leading an honest and truthful life.  Khalis Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of Sikh culture and lifestyle through various services such as media, apps and books.  The idea is to reach out to todays Sikh youth and help them achieve purity and truthfulness in their lives.


Khalis Foundation provides resources to Sikh youth and children and promotes the Sikhi spirit.  We strive to provide tools and resources much needed for the fostering of Gurmat within today’s Sikhs.  Our goal is to serve the Sikh sangat and entire humanity by spreading the message of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to the masses.

Support Us

Khalis Foundation is a registered non-profit religious organization in the United States and we are working hard to establish our base in other countries.  We have employees and volunteers in the Americas, Europe and South Asia that are working on various projects.  We need the Sikh Sangat to help us in this endeavour.  If you support the kind of work we are doing, please contribute towards our seva.  Monetary donations are welcomed, but we are also looking for volunteers to help us in various projects.

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