Khalis Foundation runs a number of successful websites that promote Sikhi in various ways.

Sikhism101 – A comprehensive introduction to the Sikh faith and many aspects including philosophy, scriptures, lifestyle, gender equality and information on the Gurus and saints of Sikhi. Also available on the Universal Faith website, – Sikh Multimedia Search Engine at Keertan.Net – This website is absolutely one of a kind, comprising of a vast array of kirtan tracks from different styles of kirtan, in different file formats, by various raagees, jathas and sangat members from all over the world. The site also includes Gurbani ucharan (recital) and kathaa (interpretive discussion) from a wide selection of speakers!  The kathaa is in both Punjabi and in English in order to reach the greatest amount of listeners.

EatBibek – One of the first of its kind, the food section lists products around the world that may or may not be safe for your diet. Advice and ingredients on different foods. Various recipes from around the world that are nutritious and all vegetarian while some are also vegan. These recipes provide delicious food alternatives for people of various diets and faith groups as well as for those who follow a bibek lifestyle.

Vidhia – Sikh literature, research and gurbani provided in pdf for reading online or on ereaders.

MyPothi – In the old days, Sikhs would study gurbani and write their own gutkas (prayer books) and pothis (hymnals). Since the advent of print media and technology, this art has been slowly lost to many. MyPothi allows you to log on and create your own pothi and arrange gurbani as you see fit–whether for daily prayer, keertan or discussions. You create your pages online and they automatically sync to your mobile device.

Learn Larivaar – When reading from Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in Larivaar Saroop, it can be challenging to know where the Shabads are separated. With Learn Larivaar, you can toggle back and forth between assisted and unassisted views to get a helping hand.