A bug report should contain these 4 things:

  1. Steps to reproduce: Give detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem.
    • Start from scratch (e.g. “1. Opened App, 2. Typed xyz …”).
    • Explicitly mention every action involved, and how you invoked it (e.g., rather than “delete the text”, say “Select Cut from the Edit menu” or “Press ctrl+X).
    • Keep the number of steps to a minimum.
  2. Expected result: It’s important to include the result you’re expecting, as it might differ from how the program was designed to work.
  3. Actual result: This is also important, since it’s possible that following your steps on a different system doesn’t reproduce the issue. (Screenshots are helpful)
  4. Environment: This includes:
    • OS version
    • SikhiToTheMax version
    • Other possibly relevant information (for example, if you’re seeing graphics artifacts on a retina MacBook Pro, you should include that)