In the old days, Sikhs would study gurbani and write their own gutkas (prayer books) and pothis (hymnals). Since the advent of print media and technology, this art has been slowly lost to many.

MyPothi allows you to log on and create your own pothi and arrange gurbani as you see fit–whether for daily prayer, keertan or discussions. You create your pages online and they automatically sync to your mobile device.

Please respectfully cover your head and remove your shoes when using this app.


  • Log onto website at and create pothi pages, search SikhiToTheMax Guru Granth Sahib, Dasam Granth Sahib, and more within the editor or paste your own text.
  • Nearly 100 fonts
  • Rearrange index
  • Font Size and type
  • Background Colors
  • Can have airplane mode on in app (Android 4.1.2 and below only)
  • Stay awake in app option
  • More…

We welcome any and all suggestions, corrections and comments! We are here to do your seva. Please direct comments to