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In the year 2000, SikhiToTheMax was first released to the world which gave Gurdwaras the ability to project Gurbani and translations on large projector screens, enabling sangat (congregation) members to be able to recite Gurbani confidently whilst understanding meanings. Khalis Foundation has continued the work of this revolutionary app and is continuously working to improve this much-loved software to help more people access Gurbani across multiple devices, in more locations, and with much more speed and accuracy. Here are some of the features you can expect to see in our app:-

  • First-letter search: Search for Gurbani by typing in the first letters of any line for fast, accurate searching.
  • Extended or single screen: Whether you are using extended screens or just a single one, the settings are easy to use without distracting the Sangat.
  • Filters: Narrow down search results by using filters such as sources. This helps to pinpoint the exact Shabad you are looking for in less time.
  • On-screen keyboard: Can’t remember which Gurmukhi key maps to the keys on your laptop keyboard? No problem, our fast and simple to use Gurmukhi keyboard can help you search Gurbani easily.
  • Accurate Gurbani: Powered by BaniDB, SikhiToTheMax is undoubtedly the most accurate and up-to-date Gurbani database in the world. Corrections are continuously being done to further improve spellings and translations.
  • Wildcard support: Type a * when you are searching if you are unsure of a letter. See the Help section for more info on this feature.
  • Auto-Update: No need to keep visiting this site to update. When a new version is available, the application asks you to proceed with automatic updating. In addition, when a new version of the database is available, the app automatically and quietly updates in the background.
  • Next line: Easily display a preview of the next line, useful in Kirtan programs to assist Sangat in singing fast-paced Shabads.
  • Multiple sources: Search not only Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, but Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Bhai Gurdas Jee’s Vaaran, Bhai Nand Lal Jee’s Vaaran, Amrit Kirtan and more.
  • Bani Overlay: Broadcast your event on Facebook, YouTube any other social media platform with Gurbani and translations being overlaid on the screen in realtime.
  • Wireless display: Use an inexpensive Chromecast device to show Gurbani on screen – no more messy wires.
  • Themes: There’s a beautifully developed theme for every occasion. Choose from Baagi Blue to Khalsa Orange or create your own with custom backgrounds.
  • Larivaar Support: Get rid of spaces and display Gurbani in how it was originally written in larivaar.
  • Custom Slides: Insert Waheguru and other popular slides or create your own with a custom message to the Sangat.
  • … and much more!
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IMPORTANT: You will need an internet connection on the laptop/PC you are installing the software on. This is required to download the latest version of the database. After the initial installation, internet connection is not needed but recommended to receive the latest version of the database. An offline installer will be made available soon.

 windows 64 bit
(recommended for Windows 10 & Windows 11)
windows 32 bit
windows Win7 Note: Windows 7 is no longer being supported. The links below are for the final supported version of SikhiToTheMax on Windows 7. You may experience issues.

Windows 7 – 64 bit

Windows 7 – 32 bit

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Please report any issues with the application or Gurbani here: SikhiToTheMax Bug Reports

Are you a developer?

SikhiToTheMax is open source and we take pull requests! Help make SikhiToTheMax better by contributing code. You can find us on Github:

Khalis Foundation expresses special thanks to the Almighty-Waheguru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and the Sangat, without whom this project could never continue. We would also like to thank SHARE Charity UK and their Sevadars for their years of hard work on the project, the BaniDB alliance, who have helped make SikhiToTheMax and other apps to be the most powerful and accurate. More information:

SikhiToTheMax Tutorial

Learn everything about SikhiToTheMax in this tutorial video:

SikhiToTheMax Tutorial