In the year 2000, SikhiToTheMax brought projector software to gurdwaras, enabling sangat members to recite Gurbani confidently while understanding its meaning. Khalis Foundation has created a new version of that software to help more people access gurbani across multiple devices, in more locations, and with faster speeds.

Introducing the new SikhiToTheMax

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 windows 64 bit
windows 32 bit
 macos 64 bit

Please report any issues with the application or gurbani here: SikhiToTheMax Bug Reports

Are you a developer?

SikhiToTheMax is open source and we take pull requests! Help make SikhiToTheMax better by contributing code. You can find us on Github:

Khalis Foundation expresses special thanks to Akal Purakh Waheguroo, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and Sangat, without whom this project could never be possible. We would also like to thank SHARE Charity UK and their sevadars for their years of hard work on the project, the original Shabad OS app team, who have joined with Khalis to deliver SikhiToTheMax and the Shabad Open Source Alliance who have joined together to strive for one true and correct source of gurbani available to all apps via APIs and shared databases. More information: