Keertan Network Releases Update

by manjotsinghkhalsa

San Francisco, USA — November, 5th 2014 — Khalis Foundation today released the beta for a new version of Keertan Network, the third kirtan website ever online, and the third longest running Sikh multimedia project online. Keertan Network version 4 expands on the previous versions of the website and provides Sikhs around the world with days worth of kirtan and katha video and audio tracks at their fingertips.


Keertan Network at one time was one of the largest websites on the internet and has now added many new features including mobile compatibility, integrated player, playlists, and ease of use.

Over the past few years, many kirtan and Sikh media websites have stopped updating their content.  Sikhs are now depending on Youtube and similar websites to host religious content, that’s why Keertan Network has included Youtube functionality in the website.  Users can easily find new kirtan videos, along with high quality audio recordings, on the website.

We plan on enhancing the current feature set and adding additional capabilities. In addition, we can now provide users the ability to upload their own recordings straight to Keertan Network.  Users can now benefit from unlimited media hosting without having to pay for third party services.

Users can also design their own playlists, save them for later, or download tracks for offline use.

Keertan Network Features

  • Thousands of hours of media, and hundreds of gigabytes of Gurbani available for free!

  • Fully Responsive website – works on all major mobile, tablet, and desktop operating systems

  • Ability to stream or download kirtan, katha, and gurbani ucharan files

  • Create a playlist on your desktop and have it available on your phone (requires login)

  • Ability to login with Khalis Foundation, Facebook, Google, or Twitter logins


Keertan Network beta is available at for free.


About Khalis Foundation

Khalis Foundation is a registered non-profit religious organization in the United States working for unity in the Sikh community. We are working hard to establish our base in other countries.  We have employees and volunteers in the Americas, Europe and South Asia that are working on various projects.  We need the Sikh Sangat to help us in this endeavor.  If you support the kind of work we are doing, please contribute towards our seva.  Monetary donations are welcomed, but we are also looking for volunteers to help us in various projects.

Press Contact

Tarun Singh Director – Media