COVID-19 Resources for Sikhs as of March 16, 2020

by manjot

World Sikh Parliament Videos for Elders

An 8 part series to educate our elder Sikh community on Coronavirus and it’s effects on our community. They are in Panjabi with last one in English.

Topics of videos are:
1) What is Coronavirus and it’s impact to the elderly?
2) What is social distancing ?
3) Why are Gurdwaras cancelling events and why we need to support parbandaks? How can we do sangat while self isolating?
4) A Chardi Kala response
5) Tips in how we can help our community with this crisis
6) Different approaches by different countries to the crisis
7) How to self isolate
8) Advise for Sikh Parents during Coronavirus crisis? (English)

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North American Sikh Medical and Dental Association

Official Gurdwara Recommendations

United Sikhs Information for Sikhs on Staying Safe

COVID-19: Keeping Our Communities Safe is Up To All of Us


Nanak Naam – Dealing with Coronavirus Anxiety

Coronavirus Anxiety – How to cope with being worried about COVID-19 disease health anxiety