Khalis Foundation Announces New Director of Early Childhood Education

by manjotsinghkhalsa

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Date:  11/09/2013                                                    For Immediate Release                            

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                                                               Sacramento, California –4th November: 2013 – Simran Kaur has come on board as the Khalis Foundation’s Director of Early Childhood Education. Khalis Foundation aims to share the Sikh philosophy using modern technology. Simran Kaur grew up in the bay area where she volunteered in the Sikh Community for over 15 years. A graduate in Architecture and Psychology she is a multifaceted personality, with a strong attachment to traditional family setup and Sikh values. Khalis Foundation is releasing apps and books which assist the younger generation of Sikhs in learning about Sikhi. Simran Kaur has been instrumental in creating these books and apps.

Simran Kaur has bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Architecture. However, she spends most of her time at home with her young children. She feels it is very important to instill Sikhi values in children while they are young. She is currently working on some projects for Khalis Foundation which include children’s apps and books. She is also working on a cartoon series about a Sikh boy in the Western world with Vismaadh Productions.

With the help of Simran Kaur, Khalis Foundation currently has 3 children’s books in the process of being published as well as 2 children’s apps in development.

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The Khalis Foundation is a volunteer-based group of Sikh services, organizations and individuals from around the world.  Founded in 2000 as Waheguroo! Network by the creators of some of the first Sikh websites ever, the Khalis Foundation was built due to an increasing need for unity in the Sikh community and appropriate representation of the Sikh teachings and values–with a focus on new technology. The foundation is dedicated to gurmat education, which is based on the principles taught and the lifestyles lived by the Sikh Gurus. This is done through education, websites, apps and printed publications and pamphlets.

Since its inception, the Khalis Foundation was run entirely by youth volunteers with the help of donations. Khalis Foundation sevadars continue to work on different projects on a voluntary basis and all the revenues generated are solely used to pay for the propagation of Gurmat, the Guru’s way.


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