Khalis Foundation Announces Strategic Partnerships With Other Sikh Seva Organizations

by manjotsinghkhalsa


SAN FRANCISCO, California–California based Sikh charity, Khalis Foundation is announcing strategic partnerships with UK based Khalsa Foundation, and Sikh24 News International–a growing online outlet of Sikh news and editorials.

Khalis Foundation, best known for apps such as Sundar Gutka and the website, has agreed to provide Khalsa Foundation and Sikh24 with technical infrastructure and development support, along with fiscal sponsorship for Sikh24 for gurmat education and media. Khalsa Foundation will provide fiscal sponsorship for UK and Europe based Khalis Foundation projects in the near term. The three seva organizations hope to expand their relationship further in the future.

Khalis Foundation works with various Sikh organizations on a consulting basis to help with application development, infrastructure, and other technology decisions. Currently they are providing website support to a number of gurdwaras and other Sikh institutions around the world.

Khalis Foundation CEO, Manjot Singh said, “We are hoping our relationships with Gurdwaras and other Sikh organizations grows from this. We are looking forward to providing website and streaming support to Gurdwaras worldwide as well as more Sikh based apps to make the lives of Sikhs better.”

Sikh24 Chief Editor, Jasmeet Kaur said, “We hope that Khalis Foundation will help us with apps and website design that is sorely needed. We are a non-profit as well and have created this site as seva for the Sikh Nation. We also need financial backing from Sikh organizations and businesses.”

Navroop Kaur from Khalsa Foundation said, “Three international organisations working together helping each other is a keystone to future projects. It will help us develop providing more services for the community efficiently and sooner being able to pool our resources. Each organisation provides unique services to the Sikh community and working together will compliment work others are currently doing as well as implementation of future plans.”

If you are involved in a Sikh organization or Gurdwara and are looking for technical expertise or advice, please contact Khalis Foundation at