Khalis Foundation Begins Seva of SikhiToTheMax

by manjotsinghkhalsa

Khalis Foundation is excited to announce that we will be working to create the next generation of SikhiToTheMax apps and website. For nearly two decades, SikhiToTheMax has been the go-to app for individuals and Gurdwaras to read and translate Gurbani. Projector screens in Gurdwaras around the world use SikhiToTheMax to display Gurbani and help people to understand and connect with it.

Now, Khalis Foundation, the makers of the Sundar Gutka app, with over one million downloads, has the honor of helping create the next generation SikhiToTheMax app and we need your help. We’ve hired a full-time developer and are working to take Sikh technology into a new generation.

Your donation matters and it will help bring Gurbani to Sikhs all around the world. A monthly donation, even as low as $10 per month, will help us continue to bring new apps to you and support all our Gurdwaras.

You can find out more information at

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Always in Chardeekalaa,
Khalis Foundation Board of Directors