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Khalis Foundation – Websites and Apps for Sikhs

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                                                         Sacramento, California –4th November: 2013 – Khalis Foundation aims to share the Sikh philosophy and culture to the world through technology and to create unity within the Sikh diaspora. Established in 2000 by several veteran volunteers of the community, the foundation funds various cultural and religious activities.

They maintain a series of websites which give A-Z details about Sikhism and various traditions related to the faith starting from Gurbani to Bibek. They have also released a couple of apps which assists the younger generation Sikh’s in their daily prayer routine. The foundation appeals for several volunteers interested in service to the faith to donate their money and manual work in maintaining their activities.

Websites maintained by Khalis Foundation

Every faith has three main aspects which defines their culture. They are the food, prayer rituals and the rules and regulations for lifestyle. Khalis Foundation maintains a series of websites to help the modern day Sikh youth understand all these three aspects easily and follow them in their day to day life. Here is a list of some of their prominent websites.

  1. – The website gives details about international food items. They list the ingredients used in them and categorize whether it is appropriate to consume them or not. They also give the recipes for several traditional Punjabi items as well as modern dishes. The website lists certain rituals which have to be followed strictly during the preparation of the food, serving method, recipes to make on special festivities etc. The website has thousands of visitors who use it in their day to day life.
  2. – This website lists various hymns, which form an integrated part of Sikh prayers, sung by various eminent singers. The usage of ethnic instruments gives a unique touch to most of the hymns listed here. Both fast beat and mind blowing melodies can be found here. The site is a great way to introduce gurbani to the next generation.
  3. Sikhism101 – The website lists a variety of Sikh philosophies, details about the religion’s great gurus, famous prayers and details regarding the birth and development of the religion. The foundation also maintains an interactive forum called DiscoverSikhi and Vidhia, a site dedicated in preserving ancient Sikh literature. The donations given by the viewers of the site are used in transforming the ancient manuscripts into digital format and preserving the original copies of the literature. provides a deeper dive into questions about the faith.

In addition to these websites, Khalis Foundation maintains various applications, such as My Pothi and Sundar Gutka. The former one acts like an online diary giving a chance for the users to write down their own daily prayers and hymns. The application offers several different fonts in Gurmukhi and English.  Both the young and the older generations can revive the long lost practice of writing their own prayers using new smart phones. The second application lists various best prayers to be recited at various parts of the day.

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