Khalis Foundation Releases SikhiToTheMax Everywhere Alpha at 37th Annual Yuba City Nagar Kirtan

by manjotsinghkhalsa

sttm_iconKhalis Foundation is proud to present the alpha version for the upcoming SikhiToTheMax Everywhere app.

Khalis Foundation received the opportunity to take over service of the SikhiToTheMax website and create an app that will help Sangat connect with Gurbani across the world. We decided to build an app that would use innovative technologies to bring it to the most Sangat. It would include the familiar features to which we’ve become accustomed and provide great value. It would be revolutionary in how it connects Sangat to Gurbani in a way never-before experienced. We call this new app SikhiToTheMax Everywhere.

Innovations made in the app from previous generations will help more Sangat in more environments get Gurbani presentations up and going with greater ease than ever before. Not only does the app work on Windows, but also macOS and distributions of desktop Linux. The app will no longer require third-party software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and modifying the slides to look just as desired with only the fields (e.g. Gurmukhi, Translation, Transliteration, etc) required will be easier than ever.

All the most-used features from previous releases will also be included in SikhiToTheMax Everywhere, from search options to display options. Previous releases brought forth a brand-new way to search for Gurbani from the previous alphabetical look-up in Pothis. Displaying translations in different languages was transformative in how the Sangat experiences Gurbani. Features such as these will be carried forward, with the addition of more translations and greater ease in going back to previous Shabads in history.

SikhiToTheMax Everywhere will revolutionize how Gurbani is experienced by bringing a hands-free mode to mobile devices. When the translation personally needed on the large screen is either too small or absent, or when it is difficult to see the screen, the solution has been to use a mobile device to individually look up the Shabad with the desired personal settings. With SikhiToTheMax Everywhere, joining an existing session will be built-in, with your own personal view settings applied, showing the translations you need at the sizes and colors you desire. When the Panktee on the large screen gets updated, your screen will update instantly, making your experience solely the taking in of Gurbani and excluding the look-ups and scrolling.

We are pleased to announce that the alpha for this app is now available, with the innovative cross-platform technology ready and many features planned for updates with an accelerated release cycle. Please keep in mind that this is an alpha with a working engine but is not ready to replace existing installations of SikhiToTheMax II. An Internet connection will be required to get the latest version of the app.