Navdeep Singh Joins Khalis Foundation Board of Directors

by manjotsinghkhalsa

Khalis Foundation Board of Directors members voted to bring on Navdeep Singh from British Columbia, Canada as a board director. His background in technology and business will be a huge asset to the foundation to further our mission.

Navdeep Singh has been enthused by technology since he can remember, a developer for 11 years and recently compelled to foray into the world of mobile apps. He finds himself often thinking in code and dreaming in stylesheets and enjoys helping others get up and going in their times of tech distress. He is also currently a small business owner.

Khalis Foundation welcomes Navdeep Singh to the fold. He will be joining us as Director of Mobile App and Web Development. Together, we will be able to make our apps and websites better serve the panth and sangat and help others.

In the spirit of chardikala,
Khalis Foundation Board of Directors